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How To Use Jee Neet QnA

Jee Neet QnA is a online community of Jee Neet aspirants where community members can ask questions, give answers of questions and add comments to question/answer also can like/dislike question/answer.

How to Navigate

when you open jeeneetqna you first land on the home page which contains the latest questions and answers.

a question contains

  • title: which is less than 120 character and only used for identifying the questions.
  • content: which is complete question witch contents question, options and diagram.
  • category: which is used to categories questions subject and chapter wise.
  • tags: which is used to categories questions year wise.

what is comment

all users can add comments to the questions or answers.

when add comment to question

if you're unable to understand question

if question is wrong

if question's no option is right

if question has typing error

when add comment to answers

if you're unable to understand answer

if answer is wrong

what is answer

  • all users can give answer to any question
  • answer should have right option
  • answer should have brief solution or explanation

What is category

We use category to categories questions subject and chapter wise.

We have 5 Categories






all top 4 subject categories have sub-category for chapters.

929 questions

555 answers


32 users