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How To Use Jee Neet QnA

Jee Neet QnA is an online community of Jee Neet aspirants where you can ask questions, give answers of questions and add comments to question/answer also can like/dislike question/answer.

How to Navigate?

when you open jeeneetqna you first land on the home page which contains the latest questions and answers.

What is category?

We use category to categories questions subject and chapter wise.

We have 5 Categories

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Announcements
  • Others

all top 4 subject categories have sub-category for chapters.

What is question?
  • title: which is less than 120 character and only used for identifying the questions.
  • content: which is complete question witch contents question, options and diagram.
  • category: which is used to categories questions subject and chapter wise.
  • tags: which is used to categories questions year wise.
How to ask a Question?
  • Click on ask a question button showing in all pages at the bottom right corner.
  • Right your question's first sentence in the title field.
  • Choose the Subject and Chapter for your question.
  • Now check if same question is not allready asked.
  • Now write the complete question in the text editor with option each in new line.
  • Enter the exam name and year in tag field if is asked in previous years exams. And enter the topic and sub topic name as second and third tag if applicable.
  • Now click on Ask question button and thats it you asked your first question.
What is answer?
  • all users can give answer to any question
  • answer should have right option
  • answer should have brief solution or explanation
How to answer a Question?
  • First select a unanswered question to give the answer.
  • Click on the Answer button below the Question
  • Now write your answer in text editor
  • First write the correct answer then write the solution below. Eg.
    Ans. (A) 5kg
    Sol. Because the right answer is 5 kg according to the NTA so I will to anything but I will find out the way that the answer is 5 kg.
  • Now click on Add Answer button thats it you finally added first answer.
What is Comment?

All users can add comments on the questions or answers or can reply to another's comments.

When add comment to question?
  • Don't post answer in question comment section
  • if you're unable to understand question
  • if question is wrong
  • if question's no option is right
  • if question has typing error
When add comment to answers?
  • if you're unable to understand answer
  • if answer is wrong
How to comment on Question or Answer?
  • To add a comment first select a question or answer
  • Click on Comment button below the Question/Answer or click on Reply button to add comment below another comment.
  • Now write whatever you want to say to the questioner, answerer or previous commenter.
  • Click on Add Comment button thats it you finally added your first comment.

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