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For octahedral $\require{mhchem}\ce{Mn(ll)}$ and tetrahedral $\ce{Ni(ll)}$ complexes, consider the following statements :

(l) both the complexes can be high spin.

(ll) $\ce{Ni(ll)}$ complex can very rarely be of low spin.

(lll) with strong field ligands, $\ce{Mn(ll)}$ complexes can be low spin.

(lV) aqueous solution of $\ce{Mn(ll)}$ ions is yellow in color.

The correct statements are :

(1) (l) and (ll) only

(2) (l), (ll) and (lll) only

(3) (l), (lll) and (lV) only

(4) (ll), (lll) and (lV) only
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Coordination compounds

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Ans. (2) (l), (ll) and (lll) only

Sol. With weak field ligands $\ce{Mn(II)}$ will be of high spin and with strong field ligands it will be of low spin. $\ce{Ni(II)}$ tetrahedral complexes will be genrally of high spin due to sp3 hybridisation. $\ce{Mn(II)}$ is of light pink color in aqueous solution.

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