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Typical growth curve in plants is

(a) stairĀ­-steps shaped

(b) parabolic

(c) sigmoid

(d) linear.
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1 Answer

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Ans : (c) sigmoid

Explanation :

Geometric growth cannot be sustained for long in natural condition. Limited nutrient availability slows down the growth. It leads to a stationary phase or even a decline. Plotting the growth against time, gives a typical sigmoid or S-curve. Sigmoid curve of growth is typical of most organisms in their natural environment including plants. The exponential growth can be expressed as: W1 = W0ert;


W0 = initial size at the beginning of the period

W0 = initial size at the beginning of the period

r = growth rate

t = time of growth

e = base of natural logarithms

As idealised sigmoid growth curve is drawn below:

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