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Consider the reactions,

$\require{mhchem}\ce{\underset{(C2H6O)}{X}->[\ce{Cu}][573K]A}\begin{cases}\ce{->[\ce{[Ag(NH3)2]+}][^-OH,\ \Delta] {Silver\ mirror\ observed}\\->[^-OH,\ \Delta]{Y}\\->[\ce{NH2NHCONH2}]{Z}}\end{cases}$

Identify A, X, Y and Z.

(a) A-Methoxymethane, X-Ethanol, Y-Ethanoic acid, Z-Semicarbazide.

(b) A-Ethanal, X-Ethanol, Y-But-2-enal, Z-Semicarbazone.

(c) A-Ethanol, X-Acetaldehyde, Y-Butanone, Z-Hydrazone.

(d) A-Methoxymethane, X-Ethanoic acid, Y-Acetate ion, Z-Hydrazine.
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