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Match the stages of meiosis in column I to their characteristic features in column II and select the correct option using the codes given below.

Column IColumn II
A.Pachytene(i)Pairing of homologous chromosomes
B.Metaphase I(ii)Terminalisation of chiasmata
C.Diakinesis(iii)Crossing­over takes place
D.Zygotene(iv)Chromosomes align at equatorial plate

(a)  A­(iii), B­(iv), C­(ii), D­(i)

(b)  A­(i), B­(iv), C­(ii), D­(iii)

(c)  A­(ii), B­(iv), C­(iii), D­(i)

(d)  A­(iv), B­(iii), C­(ii), D­(i)

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1 Answer

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Ans : (1) (iii), (iv), (ii), (i) 

Explanation : 

Various phases of meiosis and their characteristic features are 

Pachytene  - Crossing-over takes place Metaphase-I  - Chromosomes align at equatorial plate 

Diakinesis - Terminalisation of chiasmata Zygotene - Pairing of homologous chromosomes

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