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Statement 1: O-nitrophenol is steam volatile due to H- bonding

Statement 2: O-nitrophenol has higher melting point due to H-Bonding

(a) Both statements are true

(b) S1 is is true, S2 is false

(c) S1 is false, S2 is true

(d) Both are false

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1 Answer

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Answer: (b) S1 is is true, S2 is false

Solution: O-nitrophenol has intramolecular H-bonding while p-nitrophenol has intermolecular H-bonding. Due to this, molecules of o-nitrophenol are weakly held together and therefore steam volatile.

O – nitrophenol’s melting point = 216°C

P – nitrophenol’s melting point = 279°C

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