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Please show your contribution to this forum / community to make this forum a good place for students to start with. As we are seeing, there are more than enough people to run this website at a good pace and help all the students but there is a problem that we are getting 2 thousands of new users daily but out of them only two to three users create their profile and start contributing to the community. and the rest of them are only seeing the questions and reverting back. This is the main problem which we are dealing with right now.

Show your presence

  1. create your profile by clicking the user icon at top right corner of your screen and fill your profile details.
  2. ask a question or give an answer / solution to any question.
  3. add comments to the questions or answers which have some errors, typos or present in the wrong category or whatever not right.
  4. and send feedback about your experience throughout our website or provide your suggestion to improve the user experience and anything else you want from this website.

Get recognition

  1. Show your presence
  2. then you will get points, badges and titles based on your activity as you ask questions, give answers, add comments or like/dislike others questions/answers.

Get roles

  1. Show your presence and get recognition
  2. then you will get roles as Expert, Editor, Moderator and Administrator based on your points, badges and titles.
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