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Statement-1: Rotational KE of a gas molecule follows Maxwell's speed distribution curve.

Statement-2: Rotational KE & translational KE of a diatomic gas molecule is same.

(1) 1-true 2-false 

(2) 1-false 2-true

(3) 1-false 2-false 

(4) 1-true 2-true

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Kinetic theory of gases, Law of equipartition of enery

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Ans. (3) 1-false 2-false

Sol. Maxwell's Boltzmann distribution curve is always drawn for no. of molecules (N) vs velocity of molecules. so statement-1 is false.

T.K.E. of diatomic molecule = $3\over2$KT

R.K.E. of diatomic molecule = $2\over2$KT

Statement-2 is false.

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