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Simplified absorption spectra of three complexes ((i) and (ii) and (iii)) of M+n ion are provided below; their λmax values are marked as A, B and C respectively. The correct match between the complexes and their λmax values is:

(i) [M(NCS)6](–6 + n)

(ii) [MF6](–6 + n)

(iii) [M(NH3)6]n+

(1) A-(i), (B)-(ii), C-(iii) 

(2) A-(ii), (B)-(iii), C-(i)

(3) A-(ii), (B)-(i), C-(iii) 

(4) A-(iii), (B)-(i), C-(ii)

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1 Answer

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Ans. (4) A-(iii), (B)-(i), C-(ii)

Sol. Stronger the ligand greater is splitting of d orbitals and smaller will be wave length of light absorbed.

The splitting power of ligands is NH3 > NCS > F

So order of wave length of light absorbed is $\lambda_{NH_3}<\lambda_{NCS^-}<\lambda_{F^-}$

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