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Match the following aspects with the respective metal.

(a)The metal which reveals a maximum number of oxidation states(i)Scandium
(b)The metal although placed in 3d block is considered not as a transition element(ii)Copper
(c)The metal which does not exhibit variable oxidation states(iii)Manganese
(d)The metal which in +1 oxidation state in aqueous solution undergoes disproportionation(iv)Zinc

Select the correct option :

(1) (a)-(ii) (b)-(iv) (c)-(i) (d)-(iii)

(2) (a)-(i) (b)-(iv) (c)-(ii) (d)-(iii)

(3) (a)-(iii) (b)-(iv) (c)-(i) (d)-(ii)

(4) (a)-(iii) (b)-(i) (c)-(iv) (d)-(ii)

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