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Match the compounds of Xe in column I with the molecular structure in column II.

Column I             Column II

(a) XeF2             (i) Square planar

(b) XeF4             (ii) Linear

(c) XeO3             (iii) Square pyramidal

(d) XeOF4          (iv) Pyramidal

(1) (a)-(ii) (b)-(i) (c)-(iv) (d)-(iii)

(2) (a)-(ii) (b)-(i) (c)-(iii) (d)-(iv)

(3) (a)-(ii) (b)-(iv) (c)-(iii) (d)-(i)

(4) (a)-(ii) (b)-(iii) (c)-(i) (d)-(iv)

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