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A Hominid fossil discovered in Java in 1891, now extinct, having cranial capacity of about 900 cc was

(1) Australopithecus 

(2) Homo erectus

(3) Neanderthal man 

(4) Homo sapiens

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Answer (2) Homo erectus

Sol. The correct answer is option (2) because fossils recovered in Java in 1891, about 1.5 mya, was Homo erectus and had a large brain around 900 cc.

Option (1) is incorrect because Australopithecus probably lived in East African grasslands, about two mya.

Option (3) is incorrect because cranial capacity for Neanderthal man was 1400 cc.

Option (4) is incorrect because Homo sapiens arose during ice age between 75,000 to 10,000 years ago.

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